Our team of installers take pride in carrying out installations of equipment as they would want it in their home or office.

They carry all the right tools for the job and ensure a smooth and timely completion of every installation.

We are F-GAS certified which is a legal requirement for the installation of any equipment containing refrigerant.

Quotation process

When we quote for an installation we carry out a site survey where we will discuss piperoutes and positions for the units.

The quotation will detail where units will be placed and work involved.

It’s the clients responsibility to ensure any required planning applications have been addressed.

We will advise on any electrical requirements to power the system.

How Much will it Cost?

To give you an idea of cost an office / bedroom of 12 foot squared could cost from around £1,000.00, excluding VAT.  This is based on a 2.5kW inverter heat pump wall mounted system and would include labour and the supply of materials and equipment. (5m pipework, gravity drain, interconnecting cable – power supply by others).

All site surveys are carried out free of charge and with no obligation.

How long will it take?

We usually set aside one day for each individual unit, which is to be installed; however it may be longer on installations with longer pipe runs.

We do offer out-of-hours labour and weekends for your convenience; however we do reserve the right to charge extra fees due to increased labour cost at these times.

Can I have air conditioning in a listed building?

Yes, however the authorities are less likely to agree to a fixed type of A/C which would involve drilling holes and laying pipes and cables. They are more likely to let you have a portable type of A/C, which can work just as well.