Air Conditioning

Air conditioning in its basic form is the process of cooling a room or an area. It may also involve heating and or humidity control.

Why do I need air conditioning?

In today’s market air conditioning is being used more and more as the summers are getting hotter and people become more knowledgeable about the advantages of air conditioning particularly in office environments.

If you own a car with air conditioning would you go back to the day when your car didn’t have air conditioning?

In the UK there is a law for minimum working temperatures, which is 16C for normal office workers. There is no maximum working temperature (yet – some European countries have) however once the temperature rises above 24C heat exhaustion may begin.

This may cause: Loss of concentration
Increased accidents
Loss of productivity

For a business this means – Loss of Profit which is why more and more businesses insist on offices with air conditioning.

How Much will it Cost?

An office of 12sqft would cost about £1,350.00, excluding VAT. This is based on a inverter heat pump wall mounted system and would include labour and the supply of materials and equipment. (5m pipework, gravity drain, interconnecting cable – power supply by others)

All site surveys are carried out free of charge and with no obligation.

How long will it take?

We usually set aside one day for each individual unit, which is to be installed; however it may be longer on installations with longer pipe runs.

We do offer out of hour’s labour and weekends for your convenience; however we do reserve the right to charge extra labour fees.

Air Conditioning & Computers

Computers do not like overheating; it causes problems for the user and potentially the business. Companies spend thousands on purchasing and installing the best and most efficient computer systems but don’t always think about the environment they are in and the heat that they create. For as little as £1,350.00 you can install a system that will keep the equipment at a constant comfortable temperature.

Server Rooms / Specialist Areas

Air conditioning can be used to control the temperature of temperature sensitive rooms such as Server Rooms. Specialist equipment can also be installed to control humidity.

Contact lens manufacturers require a specific humidity, temperature and pressure to prepare lenses. And it is possible to control these systems to very close degrees of accuracy.